The Infinite Pipeline demonstrates that social selling is real, it’s here, and sales people can learn social sales techniques to improve their effectiveness.


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Are You Wondering if Your Salesforce is Ready for Social Selling?

You say you’re interested in this concept you’re hearing so much about: social selling. You may even have invested some money in social selling Webinars or in actual training. But your salesforce is not ready to do social selling. Not all of them.

The Infinite Pipeline Means No More Cold Calling

Using social selling, you can stop smiling and dialing. Instead, you can develop relationships so you don’t even need to make a single call. Using social media, you can attract your prospects so they call you. Learn how with our books. That’s right. You can sell without pitching!

Social Selling Expert Jill Rowley's 5 Pillars of Social Selling

Jill Rowley, Forbes’ #1 most influential woman in social selling (#3 overall) and one of OpenView’s Top 25 B2B Sales Influencers, has put together a short but sweet framework to help you guide the transformation of your sales force from mild-mannered Clark Kents to super performers.

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